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Student Testimonials

  • Guests at our 2020 December Celebration were asked to share why they are thankful for Open Door. Here are some responses:
  • “Open Door has allowed me to continue my education and meet new friends.”
  • “Our community needs it.”
  • “Gives us opportunity to learn a new language.”
  • “It brings community together.”
  • “Open door helps people.”
  • “I love being with wonderful committed students.”
  • “They show so much love.”
  • “It gives my mother purpose.”
  • “They help students find jobs.”
  • “They care about students’ total wellness.”
  • “I was able to get my high school diploma.”
  • “My mother is learning English now.”
  • “They have given me so many opportunities.”
  • “It has given my mom opportunities.”
  • “Open Door has allowed me to give back to the community.”
  • “Thank you for this opportunity.”
  • “Has opened a lot of doors of opportunity for me.”
  • “Open Door works very hard to help us.”
  • “The English learning is incredible. Thank you.”
  • “I am thankful for all the teachers.”
  • “I am learning and this program works hard to help us.”
  • “They help people have better quality life.”
  • “They welcome everyone.”
  • “I have met many new friends from many different cultures.”
  • “They help the whole community be better.”
  • “It is a place where peole can grow in more than one way…plenty of learning experiences.”
  • “It is changing people’s lifes.”
  • “It has helped my mother in growing in education.”
  • “I have become a better person.”
  • “They helped me to achieve my goal.”
  • “It gave my mom knowledge and got her to speak English and used more vocabulary.”
  • More comments:
  • Now, I can connect with other groups, not just Latinos.  I have more self-esteem and confidence that I can achieve my goals.
    – Aurora

    “I can communicate better and better, and this has  been an important factor of my life style.  Since I am able to express myself a Little bit better,  now  people are willing to listen to me and start  a conversation, and communicate either for business purposes or just to be friendly…….my motivation was my daughter Violeta.  I decided to learn and get better in math and English so I can help my daughters with their homework from school.  Now my daughter is an honor student due to my being able to help her.  I thank God for this opportunity to help my daughter and my community.”

    “My education had been limited, I only attended through 7th grade….The benefits of joining Open Door HiSET and ESL have been many.  I have been able to get much better with my pronunciation, English skills, math and science.  I plan to eventually take some college classes.  Real academic skills help build up self-confidence, have better working ethics and more employment opportunities.  Our conversation partners help my wife and me get great tips on job interviews and other things.  Open Door is a great benefit to our community.”
    – Isaac Ramirez

    “Before taking HiSET classes, I was struggling with low self esteem.  I lost my job due to the company shutting down.  Taking HiSET classes showed me that I ‘can do it’!  I loved learning new things, especially Math.  I went on to take English classes too.  It has always been my dream to go to college.  Now, I know that my dream can come true, even though I am in my 60s.  It is never too late to get education.  I am now taking classes at Front Range Community College, studying accounting.  I encourage everyone to not give up.  ”
    – Josefa Gonzalez

    I have become more confident in my writing, reading, and communication skills.  I know what it is like to be able to ask questions.  I know what it is like to not be able to handle a phone call.  I know what it’s like to lay your head down because of embarrassment.  I know what it is like to have everyone looking at you like you’re dumb because you don’t understand what they are saying.  By teaching me, Open Door is preparing me for my future success, and with skills to be able to achieve my goals.  A recent benefit was being able to fill out an application, communicated well in an interview, and be hired for a new job.  So, it definitely has been a big impact in my life.
    – Belen

    I found Open Door ESL one month after I arrive in America.  Actually, I was nervous when I took the English class because my listening and speaking in English was at a very low level compared with my reading and writing.  But, I didn’t want to live like an uneducated person here, and I wanted to get a job to utilize my major, computer science.  So, I decided to take the classes, and plucked up the courage.  Now, I feel certain it was an excellent choice.  I can practice listening and speaking in English… Now, I can listen more clearly when I listen to the radio.  Also, I have made a good friend in my class.
    – Soyoun

    I read somewhere that “every choice we make gives us a new opportunity.”  I have chosen to take a class at Open Door ESL and it has really given me the hope to integrate into the community.
    – Hoa

    Open Door is a great place to help you get closer to your goals.  I have met with the director about the program available.  My teacher continually encourages me.  My conversation partner helps in building confidence, and allows me to laugh about my mistakes.
    – Alejandra

    All the classes at Open Door ESL have helped me with my personal life.  Now, I am more confident in myself and in my job.  In my job, I have more relationship with my co-workers and my boss.  When I go to the store or ask some questions to the people, I am not afraid anymore.  In the community, I help my friend who is 86 years old, and she wants to learn English…  My conversation partner has helped me in my life and has opened new opportunities for me.  I want to give to others what I have learned, and I feel more integrated in this amazing country.  Thank you Open Door for all your support.
    – Blanca

    Open Door has had a very positive impact in my life relating to learn English in an academic and correct way; as a result, I already have taken four sessions and have learned grammar, composition, reading, vocabulary among others. Besides expressing myself correctly, writing a paragraph and an essay, which has been very helpful to improve my English, I have also improved my pronunciation. Another important benefit of the program is the support of the conversation partner, who helps to improve pronunciation and vocabulary. Above all, it is the excellent level of the teachers and how they are devoted to the program as well as students are always there improving the classes and supporting each other. Finally, I can notice how Open Door has had a very positive and valuable impact in my life, helping me to reach my goals in learning English as a second language.
    – Maria

    I signed up for the Open Door ESL classes and undoubtedly it has helped me in so many ways. I have learned to write better, and understand English better. I am able to write an essay and a paragraph in a correct way, and I have learned the different types of essays there are. In addition, ESL has been challenging and a very interesting class for me…  I feel better about myself. Open Door has provided me with other resources, like my conversation partner, who has also helped me so much.
    – Susana

    When I saw the overall English of my wife improve a great deal, I decided to take classes too. I am not the only one who has noticed, but her co-workers too. Since I have been at Open Door, I have gained a good deal of knowledge as well as confidence in my English skills. Finally, I want to add that we need to support and keep Open Door for future ESL students. It has been a great opportunity and privilege to have our teachers and our conversation partners… I can not thank my teacher enough for her teaching and patience.
    – Felipe

    My pronunciation has improved as well as my writing skills.  I am talking more and not so shy to say my opinion.  Open Door has helped my by giving me an opportunity to keep studying English at an affordable price and by having good results about my English speaking and comprehension.
    – R. Marquez

    Open Door has helped me improve my English and feeling so excited to take more English classes.  I love this great program!

    When I talk with my manager, I speak with more security.

    Open Door helped me to improve my pronunciation and helped me to understand American culture.  I’m really glad to participate in these classes because I can pronunciate better different words.

    Open Door has helped me by learning more Grammar structure, being more confident, and exposing me to American literature critique.

    Open Door has helped me with English language skills, but also to have a better life.

    Now I can have more vocabulary to speak with more people.  Also, I can help my children with their homework.