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Next Registration Date: ESL & HSE – Mar 10 (6:00 p.m.)

All Registration days are open house from  6-8 pm on the designated date for that session.  Students not able to attend registration MUST make arrangements BEFORE registration (see note below).

2020 Registration Dates

Session 1: January 14
Session 2: March 10
Session 3: May 26
Session 4: August 18
Session 5: October 13

Cost/session: $100 (credit card is available at registration. After registration payments – cash or checks only please)

-All Registration/Orientation are open house from 6-8 pm on the designated date for that session

-To register for the class time of your choice, please come to the designated Registration/Orientation night for the session

  • There MUST be a minimum of five students per class, or the class is cancelled.  ESL Classes have MAXIMUM of 10 students per class.  HSE has MAXIMUM  of 25 students per class.  Decision as to whether class is cancelled is made night of registration, so registration is very important.