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At CalvaryKidz, we believe every kid should experience the love of God through positive role model/mentors. We have designed specific environments that are age-appropriate and safe where kids can learn and grow.

CALVARYKIDZ BIBLE CLUB: All kids 1st through 5th grade join us on Sundays at 9 am for a time of songs, skits, creative teaching, and interactive activities that reinforce life application of the stories and truths of the Bible.

CALVARYKIDZ FAMILY MENTORING: All kids 1st through 5th grade join us on Sundays at 10:30 am for interactive activities, and challenges led by mentors to help kids develop life skills and practice in real time what they have heard and learned in church.

Contact the Family Ministry Team at (303)776-2400 or gro.t1555870331nomgn1555870331olyra1555870331vlac@1555870331sdik1555870331

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