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We believe children’s ministry is about actively shaping our children into men and women who trust and follow Jesus. We also understand that there are unique phases that every child goes through. Our desire is for children to experience the love of God through positive role model/mentors while hearing and applying God’s Word to their lives. We’re excited to partner with your family during these amazing years!

Contact: Family Ministry Staff at (303)776-2400 or gro.t1558912777nomgn1558912777olyra1558912777vlac@1558912777sdik1558912777


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Contact: Dave Shattuck(Family Pastor) at (303)776-2400 or gro.t1558912777nomgn1558912777olyra1558912777vlac@1558912777evad1558912777


Our student ministry is designed build life-on-life relationships that model Christ-like character. We know the storms of life are coming and cannot be stopped but with Christ’s strength they can be survived. Our desire is for students to hear the truth of God’s Word, learn the life application, practice it in real time, and follow God’s leading with tenacity and conviction.

Contact: Kyle Bosveld (Youth Director) at (303)776-2400 or gro.t1558912777nomgn1558912777olyra1558912777vlac@1558912777stned1558912777uts1558912777