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RMM Community

Our mission is to inspire families to become role model/mentors to the next generation.The Role Model/Mentor (RMM) Community is open to anyone. We would love for you to be a part of our Family Leadership Program.


The RMM Leadership Program for families is as follows:

  1. Introduce families to a positive mind set. Life Application: If families keep a positive mindset at club, they will have the ability to keep a positive mindset during the storms of life.
  2. Sharpen Family leadership and life skills. Life Application: (1) If families give their best effort… (2) Build camaraderie…(3) And work as a team under pressure… Then they will be ready to face the storms of life!
  3. Challenge Families to become role model/mentors to the next generation. Life Application: If families are ready to face the storms of life, they will be ready to pass on their hope, wisdom, and inspiration!

The Calvary RMM Community partners with Role Model/Mentors of Colorado 
(Visit their website for more information:

Calvary RMM Community Events

  • May: Ralley Point & Pancakes at Calvary Church
  • August 19: Fam Fest & County Fair at Calvary Church