blessing and transforming lives and communities by following Jesus together


The goals of the Worship Ministry are to:

– equip those at Calvary to use their gifts in service to the Lord and to the Body;
– to continue to foster “unity in diversity”, and;
– to foster the spirit of Colossians 3:16 in all that is done.

We believe if God is calling you to Calvary Church and you have gifts and abilities in the Worship Arts that there is a place here for you to serve. In general, we do not audition for the worship ministry. Philosophically we have found that this has actually fostered more creativity and involvement than if we limited the number of participants.

Contact Carissa Netherton at gro.t1566162144nomgn1566162144olyra1566162144vlac@1566162144notre1566162144htenc1566162144 for more information unless otherwise indicated.


Those with gifts in the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, handicrafts, etc.) are used in a variety of ways including our Sunday Worship Services


Drama ministry this year will focus on preparing skits for our Sunday mornings services that will aid in our corporate worship times.  There is a possibility we will be doing a larger dramatic work at some point.  Any announcements about that will be in the Sunday bulletin.


We have several sign language worship artists as well as worship dancers in our congregation. Because of that, this ministry is in development and we would love to see many more participate in Artistic Expression through movement here at Calvary.

Media Arts/Tech

Sound, lighting and video technicians are a vital part of the worship ministry at Calvary. Stage/atmosphere design is also a need we are trying to foster. We’re looking for people who have skills in these areas and desire to serve.

Worship Band

We have several bands at Calvary representing different music styles. These have formed very organically. We have a Bluegrass/Country band, several contemporary worship bands and bands made of youth and adults.