blessing and transforming lives and communities by following Jesus together


Differing from elective “Sunday School” classes, Flocks strive to be caring communities within Calvary Church where people can be transformed to think, love and act more like Jesus. God our Father so loves us that he wants to give us the best he knows: Jesus. He is serious about spreading a passion for the supremacy of Jesus in all things for the joy of all peoples and he invites us to experience the joy of joining him in that all-satisfying task.

One primary place where this happens is in the beautiful mess we call relationships. To guide this process, each Flock is led by a team of Shepherds who have been appointed by the Calvary Leadership Team to care for the individual people who make up Calvary Church. In a Flock, you can be known by name and helped in your spiritual journey by people who are committed to walking together in teaching and applying God’s Word to our lives through lecture and discussion, in prayer, and in doing life together outside of the church walls beyond Sunday morning.

For more help, stop by the Info Desk in the Lobby to get recommendations on a good fit for you or to find answers to questions you may have about Calvary’s Flocks.

Contact Church office at (303) 776-2400

Early Risers

Time: 7:30 – 8:45 am     |      Location: Fireside Room (F-1)

A friendly community of adults 40 and older. With married and singles, retired and full-time employed, with grandparents and parents “yet to be” this is truly a diverse Flock. 

Camino Nuevo

Time: 9:00 am     |     Location: Chapel (S-3)

Estudios bíblicos que se dan en español con el fin de: crecer, madurar y capacitar para el servicio a Dios, en la iglesia y en la comunidad.  Las clases se llevan a cabo en un ambiente relajado, interactivo y familiar.

Family Matters

Time: 9:00 am     |     Location: Fireside Room

We range from teens all the way to seventy-something. Input and involvement from young to sage is extremely valuable to us and life stages through dynamic teaching and directed small group interaction that engages the heart and mind and unleashes the hands to serve.


Time: 9:00 am     |     Location: S-4

We’re group of adults that seeks draw closer to each other by drawing near to Jesus, which motivates a response to reach out to others outside of Calvary. The means for this is discussion-directed Bible study through a diverse team of teachers that always includes intentional prayer time.


Time: 9:00 am     |     Location: Office Conference Room (O-3)

We’re a group of mainly parents of kids mixed in age. We love to serve throughout Calvary Church and in our community.


Time: 9:00 am     |     Location: G-1

Pathfinders brings together a diverse mix of ages (teens – 60s) and life stages through dynamic teaching and directed small group interaction that engages the heart and mind and unleashes the hands to serve.


Time: 9:00 am     |     Counseling Center Lobby (F-6)

Made up of a wide variety of backgrounds, life stages and spiritual maturity, Unmasked has people between 30-70 years old.


 Time: 10:30 am     |     Location: S-1

Anchored (Hebrews 6:19-20) – A fun group of mainly parents of young families in our 20s and 30s. We study scripture together, a book of the Bible at a time, and discuss ways to apply it to our lives.

For Women Only

Time: 10:30 am     |     Location: Office Conference Room (O-3)

Made up of women of all ages that gather to discuss the way to deepen their love of Jesus and apply that to how to live life in light of truths discovered.