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Camino Nuevo

Camino Nuevo, which means New Way, is Calvary’s outreach to the multicultural Hispanic community.  Camino Nuevo is a gateway for Hispanics to become part of Calvary Church, and a connection to the church in Latin America through the following:

  • Evangelism: to reach the Hispanic population of Longmont and surrounding areas with the light of the Gospel.
  • Christian Growth: to help Christians grow and mature to glorify God in their lives.
  • Community Development: to contribute to the development of the Hispanic community in Longmont and surrounding areas.
  • Integration: to be a liaison between the “American” community and the Hispanic community.
  • Exaltation: To be a people that bring glory to God in everything that we do.

Camino Nuevo meets in the chapel at the South end of Calvary Church.  Our main worship service is on Sunday from 10:30-11:35 am, with Sunday school from 9:00-10:15 am.