broken people, being made new in Jesus, overflowing with gratitude, and poured out for others


The path of least resistance is to disengage and go it alone, but the road less traveled, the road all men want, is the one we were created to walk down: knowing others and being known by them.  Of all men, Jesus was capable of living life as a one-man show, but even he sought out twelve me and invited them in–not just to watch him, but to really know him.

He opened his soul to them, was frustrated with them, rejoiced with them, cried with them and even played with them.  None of those twelve men were ever the same after their time together.  They began to see God’s glory unleashed as they became strong, free and alive.  Man2Man is a once-a-month, evening gathering for men who are humble enough to offer their strength to others and wise enough to receive strength from others.  It is for men who want to go beyond chit-chat and step into things that really matter, things that assault and haunt us; things that invigorate and empower us.  Jesus is offering strength, freedom and life and he invites you to come, get it and then give it.  We pull together for a meal, a meditation on issues urgent to a man’s life and meeting around a table to talk over the implications for each of us.  It is honest and can be raw, but we face it together man to man.

Man2Man 2018
Wild at Heart: Basic Bootcamp
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(2nd Tuesday of the month)
February 13: Every Man Needs a Battle to Fight
March 13: Every Man Needs an Adventure to Live
April 10: Every Man Needs a Beauty to Rescue

Dinner at 6:30 pm
Study starts at 7:00 pm

Youth Room