broken people, being made new in Jesus, overflowing with gratitude, and poured out for others

RMM Community

Every family experiences abandonment, loss, or conflict. Our mission is to inspire families to become role model/mentors to the next generation.The Role Model/Mentor (RMM) Community is open to anyone. We would love for you to be a part of our Family Leadership Program.


The RMM Leadership Program for families is as follows:

  1. Introduce families to a positive mind set. Life Application: If families keep a positive mindset at club, they will have the ability to keep a positive mindset during the storms of life.
  2. Sharpen Family leadership and life skills. Life Application: (1) If families give their best effort… (2) Build camaraderie…(3) And work as a team under pressure… Then they will be ready to face the storms of life!
  3. Challenge Families to become role model/mentors to the next generation. Life Application: If families are ready to face the storms of life, they will be ready to pass on their hope, wisdom, and inspiration!

The Calvary RMM Community partners with Role Model/Mentors of Colorado 
(Visit their website for more information:

Calvary RMM Community Events
(Go through our Family Leadership Program and join us at our Community Events)

  • June 24: Family Fish & Picnic at Pella Crossing & MacIntosh
  • July 4: Parade and Picnic in AllensPark
  • August 19: Fam Fest & County Fair at Calvary Church
  • September: BBQ & Hoedown at Calvary Church
  • October: Chili Cook-off at Calvary Church