broken people, being made new in Jesus, overflowing with gratitude, and poured out for others

Kids & Students

Calvary Children’s Ministries

Our prayer is for God to use Calvary Children’s Ministries to actively shape our children into men and women of faith who know God and His life-giving glory.  May they be faithful followers of Jesus who love the Bible, affirm its infallible worth and grow in their abilities to understand, express and defend its life-giving truth.  May they learn to worship the Lord with their head, their heart and their hands, and with increasingly prayer-filled lives as they grow embrace their brokenness, experience newness in Jesus, express gratitude, and are joyfully are poured out for others.


Calvary Student Ministries

Our prayer is for God to use Calvary Student Ministries to build life-on-life relationships that model Christ-like character. We know the storms of life are coming and cannot be stopped but with Christ’s strength they can be survived. Our desire is for students to hear the truth of God’s Word, learn the life application, practice it in real time, and follow God’s leading with tenacity and conviction.


Dave Shattuck (Student & Family Pastor) at (303)776-2400 or gro.t1524482918nomgn1524482918olyra1524482918vlac@1524482918evad1524482918